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Data Center Networking

Nexus 1000V Implementation

Course Description

In this training you are going to learn about VMware Virtualization briefly. You will get best practices and methods for implementing Nexus 1000v .During this training we take a hard look at the components that make up the Nexus 1000v how they communicate and different communication options.

We also discuss the considerations to take in to account when deploying the Nexus 1000v, such as physical switch configuration, physical server connectivity, and the information needed before starting implementation.We cover installing the Virtual Supervisor Module using several different methods with the detailed lab. We are also teaching you the process to upgrade an existing Nexus 1000v implementation to a new version.
The Nexus 1000v Implementation course intended audiences areNetwork and Systems Engineers, Consulting Systems Engineers and Server Administrators. This course is also useful for Network Designers, Administrators and Managers.

This course is mainly focuses on the feature and architecture of the Nexus 1000v switches. From this course you will learn more about the VMware virtualization concepts.  This will help you to understand Nexus 1000v implementation very easily. After this course you will be expert on the key components and procedures needed to install, configure, manage, and troubleshoot the Cisco Nexus 1000V Switch.

  • Function of Networking Protocols
  • CCNA Certification – Recommended
  • Knowledge of VMware Environment
  • VMware vSphere: ICM - Recommended

Duration5 Days Course


Module 1: Review of Virtual Infrastructure

  • Virtualization overview
  • Virtual machine definition and Benefits
  • ESX Server Architecture
  • VMware InfrastructureComponents
  • VMware infrastructure in the data center
  • Virtual desktop infrastructure with VMware
  • Overview of VMware vSphere

Module 2: Networking in the VMware Infrastructure

  • Introduction of Virtual switches and Properties
  • Virtual switches in a firewall environment
  • Virtual switches in a high-performance application environment
  • Network connections in VMware networking
  • Mapping VMNICs to physical NICs
  • Port group VLANs and Policies
  • VMware networking security policies
  • VMware networking load balancing methods
  • Fiber channel with the ESX server
  • The virtual machine file system datastore
  • Networked-attached storage and NFS datastore
  • Cisco virtual networking vision

Module 3: Configuring VMware Switching

  • Install a vSwitch on an ESX host
  • Configure the VMware Distributed Virtual Switch
  • Distributed Virtual Switch network adapters Configuration
  • Distributed Virtual port groupConfiguration
  • Configure VLAN trunking on the Distributed Virtual Switch

Module 4: Overview of the Cisco Nexus 1000v

  • What is the Nexus 1000v?
  • Nexus 1000v Components
  • Nexus 1000vRequirements
  • Advantages of the 1000v
  • Architecture of the Nexus 1000v
  • vSwitch Feature Comparison

Module 5: Components of the Cisco Nexus 1000v

  • Logical Overview
  • Options for VSM Deployment
  • Communication
  • Communication – Layer 2
  • Communication – Layer 3

Module 6: Planning the Implementation of the 1000v

  • Overall Requirements
  • Existing Virtual and Physical Network Configuration
  • Options for Physical Uplink Configuration
  • Physical Connectivity Considerations
  • Perform VMware Vmotion
  • Modify the Uplink Port Profile to Implement Virtual PortChannels
  • Migrate Management, Control, Packet, and VMKernel Interfaces from vSwitch0 to Cisco Nexus 1000V
  • Modify the Uplink Port Profile to Implement MAC Pinning
  • Site Survey and Information Gathering
  • Pre-Deployment Checklist

Module 7: Installing the Virtual Supervisor Modules

  • The Virtual Supervisor Module
  • Deploying the VSM
  • VSM Installation Options and Methods

Module 8: Deploying the Virtual Ethernet Modules

  • The Virtual Ethernet Module
  • Deploying the VEM
  • Manual Installation Method
  • Adding a Host to the 1000v
  • Stateless Hosts introduction
  • Migrating to the Nexus 1000v
  • Word of Warning

Module 9: Deploying the Virtual Ethernet Module Lab

  • Retrieving VIBs
  • VIB Installation
  • Show Module Command
  • Distributed Switch GUI
  • After Walking Over a Host
  • Using Migration Wizard

Module 10:  Upgrading the Nexus 1000v Environment

  • Nexus 1000v Up gradation
  • Upgrade Process
  • Layer 2 to Layer 3 Migration

Module 11: Implementing the Nexus 1010 Physical Appliance

  • Nexus 1010 Configurations
  • Networking Configuration
  • Network Configuration Options
  • Deploying a Nexus 1010-X HA Pair
  • Migrate an Existing VSM to a 1010
  • Backup and Restore

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