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Microsoft Infrastructure

Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Administration

Course Description
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Administration training will provide you the hands on experience with advanced knowledge of Windows Server. In this training you are going to learn Configuring DNS, AD DS, AD LDS, AD FS and AD RMS. You will also gain the knowledge of deploying and managing certificates.  Creating and Maintaining Active Directory Objects, Maintaining the Active Directory Environment, Exploring IDA Solutions and Troubleshooting Identity Access Solutions

IT professionals, who are interested in learning how to implement, manage and troubleshoot the Active Directory Environment, can take this training.

This Training helps you achieve Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Configuration, Enterprise Administrator and Server Administrator certification. 


  • Hands on Experience administering Windows Server 2008
  • Skills of Active Directory Domain Services

Duration:  5 days Course


Module 1: Configuring DNS for Active Directory

  • Configure zones.
  • Configure DNS server settings.
  • Configure zone transfers and replication.

Module 2: Configuring the Active Directory Infrastructure

  • Configure a forest or a domain.
  • Configure trusts.
  • Configure sites.
  • Configure Active Directory replication.
  • Configure the global catalog.
  • Configure operations masters.

Module 3: Creating and Maintaining Active Directory Objects

  • Automate creation of Active Directory accounts.
  • Maintain Active Directory accounts.
  • Create and apply Group Policy objects (GPOs).
  • Configure GPO templates.
  • Configure software deployment GPOs.
  • Configure account policies.
  • Configure audit policy by using GPOs.

Module 4: Configuring Active Directory Certificate Services

  • Overview of PKI
  • Install Active Directory Certificate Services.
  • Configure CA server settings.
  • Manage certificate templates.
  • Manage enrollments.
  • Manage certificate revocations.

Module 5: Exploring IDA Solutions

  • The Business Case for Identity and Access Control
  • Active Directory Server Roles in IDA Management
  • Overview of Identity Lifecycle Manager 2007

Module 6: Deploying and Managing Certificates

  • Configuring Certificate Templates
  • Deploying Certificates by Using AD CS
  • Deploying Certificates by Using Auto enrollment
  • Revoking Certificates
  • Configuring Certificate Recovery

Module 7: Configuring Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS)

  • Installing and Configuring AD LDS
  • Configuring AD LDS Instances
  • Configuring AD LDS Replication
  • Configuring AD LDS Integration with AD DS

Module 8: Configuring Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS)

  • Overview of AD FS
  • AD FS Deployment Scenarios
  • Deploying AD FS
  • Implementing AD FS Claims

Module 9: Configuring Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS)

  • Overview of AD RMS
  • Installing and Configuring AD RMS Server Components
  • Administering AD RMS
  • Implementing AD RMS Trust Policies

Module 10: Maintaining Access Management Solutions

  • Supporting AD CS
  • Maintaining AD LDS
  • Maintaining AD FS
  • Maintaining AD RMS

Module 11: Maintaining the Active Directory Environment

  • Configure backup and recovery.
  • Perform offline maintenance.
  • Monitor Active Directory.

Module 12: Troubleshooting Identity Access Solutions

  • Troubleshooting AD CS
  • Troubleshooting AD LDS
  • Resolving AD FS Issues
  • Solving AD RMS Issues


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