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Cyber Range Overview  

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Executive Summary

What is Cyber Range ?

Cyber Range is like a live-fire military exercise where security staff learn how to respond to real world attack scenarios. The Cyber Range platform simulates an enterprise network environment and the types of attacks organizations face. Cyber Range helps security staff build their skills and on latest security tools and enhance operational processes, enabling them to better mitigate, detect, and contain cyber attacks.

2. What challenges does Cisco Cyber Range addresses?

Organizations are struggling to defend their infrastructure against increasingly complex and sophisticated cyber threats. Products and solutions alone do not fully address these challenges as true security is driven by capabilities that integrate people, process, and technology.

Organizations are asking:

  • How can I keep up with emerging and complex threats and how can I increase my security staff readiness, skill and experience reacting and defending against cyber threats.
  • Where can I find best practices and procedures in conducting their security operations.
  • How can I understand the latest cyber attack scenarios and identify gaps in their security controls in detecting and remediate against these scenarios.
Cyber Range Bridging Gap between University & Talent
Gaps Bridge
  • Number of Students to be trained every Year in Cyber Security 40K
  • Talent Shortage in India amount to 1 Million People
  • Three hundred Thousand Vacancy Currently in Cyber Security
  • Lack of Practical Courses in Cyber Security
  • Cyber Range is a Practical live environment Training for Cyber Security
  • Cyber Range helps Students and Professionals to get Trained in live
  • Enterprise network on the latest Cyber Attacks and threats
  • Cyber Range Lab can help to Churn 5000 Students a Year with hands on Cyber Security Training Industry Ready
  • VIT can be the First University to Host Cyber Range Lab in India
  • Can become a big Source of Cyber Security Professionals Pool Industry ready

Cyber Range Service Delivery Platform



Cyber Range Covers The Entire Attack Continuum



Cyber Range Leverages Cisco CSIRT Model



Universities Hosting Cyber Range Lab



The Cybersecurity Talent Gap Is An Industry Crisis - Forbes

Cybersecurity skill demand in India triples in last one year  - CSO Magazine

“engineers with cybersecurity chops and more than three years of experience can make up to Rs25 lakh a year” – Quartz India

There’s Massive Shortage Of Cyber Security Professionals In India: IBM

1.8 million workforce shortage in cyber security by 2022: Study by Frost & Sullivan

“There are currently around 30,000 cybersecurity vacancies in India, recruitment experts say” – Times Group

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