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Transform IT is proud to be recognized as one of the foremost specialists in Citrix solutions. Our staff are some of the most technically certified and capable in this business.

Citrix is a trusted global leader in virtualization, specializing in the remote delivery of software applications over a network or via the internet.

Solutions are delivered via the Citrix Delivery Center, a dynamic virtualization system that allows you to deliver IT to your users on demand, combining best-in-class virtualization and networking solutions from datacenter to desktop.  Your servers, desktops and applications can be centralized in a datacenter and broadcast to your users whenever and wherever they need them, with the best performance, highest security and lowest cost. 



  • Cut your IT overheads and energy costs.  By reducing the number of servers and the amount of related IT hardware, power and cooling requirements are instantly reduced, cutting your IT costs and energy overheads 
  • Get more from your office space.  Your office space comes at a premium and should be put to its most productive use.  Either reduce the amount of space you need to devote on your premises, or eliminate it entirely by moving your virtualized infrastructure to a hosted data centre
  • Reduce your carbon footprint.  Virtualization is the way forward for green computing.  With lower power consumption - up to 80% - and greater efficiency comes lower CO2 emissions, instantly improving your eco-IT credentials
  • Adapt to changing business needs.  Scale your virtualized server estate as and when your requirements change, allowing you to respond more effectively to the elastic demands of your business
  • Optimize your infrastructure efficiency.  By pooling common infrastructure resources and housing more than one application on each server, your systems work at a far higher utilization level for optimized efficiency
  • Improve responsiveness and resource efficiency.  Fewer servers to look after means your IT team need to spend less time on managing, provisioning, configuring and maintaining them.
  • Improve Availability and Business Continuity.  Securely backup and migrate entire virtual environments without interruption, eliminating planned downtime enabling fast recovery from unplanned outages.


  • Desktop virtualization - XenDesktop
  • Application virtualization - XenApp
  • Server virtualization - XenServer
  • Acceleration, traffic management and security - NetScaler
  • Orchestration and automation - Workflow Studio
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